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Chinaflocs polyacrylamide powders include cationic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM),anionic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM)and nonionic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM),used for water treatment;oilfield,mineral processing ,papermaking and other application areas.

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high molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide for construction bored pile
Physical form :Off-white granular powder
Particle size :98 % <850 μm
molecular weight: 20-22 million
Hydrolysis Degree: 25-30 %
PH of 1% solution at 25 °C: 4-8
cationic polyacrylamide(CHINAFLOCC3006)used for municipal and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment
Chinafloc C3006 is a low molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide flocculant supplied as a granular powder.
cationic polyacrylamide manufacturers|cationic polyacrylamide(C3006)used for sludge dewatering
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anionic polyacrylamide(APAM) used for bored pile|bored piling
Chinafloc A2520 has found application in a wide variety including the following:
A.Bored pile
B.Mineral processing C.Industrial wastewater treatment
D.Oil drilling
high viscossity of anionic polyacrylamide(A2520) used for construction bored pile
Chinafloc A2520 is a kind a copolymer with very high molecular weight anionic polyacrylamide flocculant supplied as a granular powder.
anionic polyacrylamide used for bored pile(bored piling)
Anionic polyacrylamide used for bored pile(bored piling)
polyacrylamide flocculant PAM
polyacrylamide flocculant PAM
polyacrylamide pam
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