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Chinaflocs polyacrylamide powders include cationic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM),anionic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM)and nonionic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM),used for water treatment;oilfield,mineral processing ,papermaking and other application areas.

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magnafloc 333,336,338,345 of anionic polyacrylamide be sustituted by Chinafloc
magnafloc 333,336,338,345 are various of anionic polyacrylamide used for all kinds of mineral processing.they are can be substituedby chinafloc A2718,3018,2015 and 2320
Polyacrylamide(9003-05-8)for sewage treatment
Polyacrylamide is a linear polymer comprised of monomers unit with functional groups of amide that adsorb on to the surface of particles. These particles are bridged together by the long polymer chain drawing the particles closer together. ...
AN934 from SNF can be subsitituted by Chinafloc A2320
AN934 is a kind a anionic polyacrylamide with very high hydrolysis degree and ultra high molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide used for oilfield and wastewater treatment.
as our expereince,Chinafloc A2320 can replace of AN934 totally ...
Anionic polyacrylamide of magnafloc(1011,333,355,5250)usd for mining
As buyer or supplier ,we often meet the mdoels of Magnafloc series models from BASF used for all kind of mining like cooper ,gold ,coal,zink and so on.but we dont know which kind of anionic polyacrylamide can subsitute the modes with good ...
anionioc polyacrylamide for mining and oil&gas
we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2520,Chinafloc A2015 for mining and
Chinafloc A3020 .Chinafloc A2320 for oil&gas
Anionic polyacrylamide for marble and granite muds
As our experience,for marble and granite muds treatment,we normally use anionic polyacrylamide with medium hydrolysis degree and high molecular weight.
Best price of polyacrylamide for oilfield
Anionic polyacrylamide is a kind of White or yellow powder,non-toxic,non-corrosive,easily solubale in water,mainly used as a selective flocculant for non-dispersed,low solid phase water-based drilling fluid.itcan help to reduce water losses...
the main applications of polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM)
Polyacrylamide can be used for municipal and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment;mining,oil drilling and EOR,papermaking;Texitle and so on.
anionic polyacrylamide for marbal and granite muds
for marbal and granite muds treatment,we normally use anionic polyacrylamdie with medium hydrolysis degree and high molecular weight

we strongly recommend our models of Chinafloc A3018 for this application.
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