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How to extend the preservation time of polyacrylamide solution
2015-03-10 13:53:09

How to extend the preservation time of polyacrylamide solution


    We know that the cationic polyacrylamide solution with 0.2% preparation concentration usually can maintain 24 hours without degradation in normal circumstances, the anionic polyccacrylamide solution of 0.1%  preparation concentration can maintain 48 hours without degradation under normal circumstances. That is to say the effect  of  the polyacrylamide solution dispensed  today will be down if we use  tomorrow, after a few days,the polyacrylamide solution will lose efficacy. So how to extend the preservation time of the polyacrylamide?

    1. if we dispense the polyacrylamide solution using desalinated water(distilled water ), polyacrylamide solution preservation time can be extended to be about half a month. But the cost is higher if we use distilled water.

    2.increasing the PAM preparation concentration,the preparation concentration of the cationic PAM can be 2%,the anionic PAM can be1%,if the preparation concentration is higher ,it is difficult to dissolve.Even so, the preservation time will not exceed 10 days, iwe need to dilute, more trouble.

    3.Firstly, adding stabilizer into the water. And then prepare PAM solution . the  polyacrylamide solution can be preserved for 30 days. This scheme is feasible, but need to select the right stabilizer.

    4.Degradation of polyacrylamide solution is also related to temperature, reducing the temperature can also extend the preservation time. If the amount is small, can be stored in fresh layer into the refrigerator with cover

    In short, it is troublesome to extend the preservation time of polyacrylamide solution, and can not be extended indefinitely. we can prepare the PAM solution  according to consumption,prepare for immediate sonsumption,immediately prepared as ordered.