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Which factory production of polyacrylamide in China are of good quality and good service?
2014-11-05 17:20:56
    Shandong shuiheng Chemical corporation and Beijing Hengju Chemical corporation is the eponymous sales oilfield chemicals, water treatment, paper chemicals and mineral processing chemicals, and provide the fields of tertiary oil recovery, water treatment chemicals company.
    The United States, Japan, Europe is a major producer and consumer of polyacrylamide, its production accounted for about 45% of the world's total production capacity.Foreign manufacturers of polyacrylamide main steam bart chemicals companies in the United States, the dow chemical company, chemical companies, marathon, nalco company;Japanese chemical company, Japan's mitsui chemicals company in east Asia, three phosphide into company, Arakawa, Harimo company;British steam bart chemicals company;The French SNF company;Germany's stowe howson, nalco company, basf company and Finland saite company, at present, China can be comparable to those of the above company has Beijing Hengju Chemical corporation and Shandong shuiheng Chemical corporation
    Various countries and regions of the consumption structure of polypropylene amide is different, the United States and Western Europe of polyacrylamide is mainly used for water treatment, in the proportion of application of relatively small, while Japan's polyacrylamide is mainly used in papermaking industry.The polyacrylamide consumption structure: water treatment (60%), paper (25%), mining accounted for 11%, other 4%;Polyacrylamide consumption structure in Japan: water treatment (29%), paper (56%), mine is occupied 8%, oil 11%, other 3%;Chinese polyacrylamide consumption structure: water treatment (10%), paper (5%), mine is occupied 2%, oil 80%, other 3%.
   Shandong Shuiheng Chemicals company adopts the international leading no carrier catalytic technology of microbial production of acrylamide monomer and other series of polyacrylamide products, annual output can reach 85000 tons, high polymer industry mainly includes the oilfield tertiary oil recovery with ultra high molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide, oil field profile control and water plugging zwitterionic polyacrylamide, used in high temperature and high salt oilfield tertiary oil recovery of polymer ternary copolymerization type;And the wastewater treatment, water treatment and environmental protection industry for mineral processing, printing and dyeing and other industries of various anionic, cationic and nonionic polyacrylamide;Used for all kinds of papermaking additives in papermaking industry;There are various models of high concentration of the emulsion of polyacrylamide.

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