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cationic flocculant

Chinas cationic powders range from low to very high molecular weight, low charge to very high charge.Sludge press,centrifuge whatever your dewatering requirements our premium cationic powders are rugged and economical enough to get the job done.

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High Quality polymer  polyacrylamide  flocculant for well oil drilling
polyacrylamide,acrylamide,water treatment agent ,Hengju Chemical, flocculant
2.OEM Quality&Price&Service
3.Samples are available
5.Molecular Weight 3-34 million
Cationic Flocculant widely used in water treatment
1. Superior Service
2. professional manufacturer of polyacrylamide
3. Prompt delivery
4. Free Samples Available
5. top ten in China
6. 8 years experience
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