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Anionic polyacrylamide(chinafloc a2015) used in Coal Washing
2014-10-19 12:36:37


    After the coal is mined, it is sorted by different granularity, then according to the gravity differences in water to be separated with the impurities. The coal floats in the upper part of the water while the impurities sink to the bottom. The treated coal will be sorted again to get the final product. In the above process, there produces some powdery clean coal, which needs further treatment to recycle. Floating method is usually applied to this process, and by adding some floating reagent to improve the separating efficiency. The clean coal floats and the tailings settle, then by sedimentation, filtration and centrifugation to recycle the clean coal. We use the flocculants in the sedimentation to accelerate the solid-liquid separation. The powdery clean coal is recycled after the filtration and centrifugation, and during this process, by adding some flocculants again can improve the separation efficiency.