Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
2014-11-04 14:08:24

Super Absorbent Polymer in Agriculture

Chinafloc-sap is a high performance super absorbent polymer based water retainer scientifically formulated using an innovative cross-linked co-polymer of acrylamide and potassium acetate.

Chinafloc super absorbent polymer has a range of applications but is primarily used as a highly effective water retainer for soils and substrates in farming, agriculture and horticulture.

Chinafloc-sap is a highly efficient polymer based water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil or a substrate will absorb and retain large quantities of water and nutrients. Unlike most products that become hydrated, Chinafloc-sap can easily release absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing crops to access the water and nutrients available at will, as a function of the absorption and release cycles.

Benefits of Chinafloc-sap

•  High performance super absorbent polymer based water retainer.

• Increases the water holding capacity of soils for several years.

• Reduces water loss, irrigation frequency may be reduced by 50%.

• Limits losses of water and nutrient due to unwanted leaching.

• Reduces evaporation of water from thesoil.

• Improves the physical properties of compact soils through improved aeration.

• Accelerates plant and crop growth. Water and nutrients are continuously available in the root zone for optimal water and                                           nutrient absorption.

• Protects the environment against drought and groundwater pollution by controlling the release of fertilisers.

Features of Chinafloc-sap



Solid content(%)


The appearance of density


Specific gravity





Before adsorption of water:white or light brown

After adsorption of water:The transparent colloid

The maximum water absorbency

Deionized water:300-500

In soil:150

water supply capacity

(15 times atmospheric pressure)


cation exchange capacity

4.6 meq/g



Soil spread:20-50g/㎡

Validity in soil

Max:5 years

Toxicity in soil



25kg Kraft bags with inner

storage temperature


Shelf life


How it Works

The high performance polymer used in Chinafloc-sap consists of a set of polymeric chains that are parallel to each other and regularly linked to each other by cross-linking agents, thus forming a network.

When water comes into contact with one of these polymeric chains, it is drawn into the molecule by osmosis.

Water rapidly migrates into the interior of the super absorbent polymer network where it is stored. As the soil or substrate dries out, the polymer then releases up to 95% of the absorbed water back into the soil.

Agriculture & Farming

Chinafloc-sap super absorbent polymer is highly effective when used in large scale farming and agricultural applications, especially at the time of germination and development of the root network due to good aeration of the soil.

The storage of rainwater or irrigation water by Chinafloc-sap delays the wilting point and thus makes it possible for certain plants to begin to be well established while waiting for the water regime to become adequate. Chinafloc-sap ensures a good population and an even growth of plants even in very permeable soils.


Chinafloc-sap is highly effective in the planting of trees, bushes, and saplings. It makes it possible to reduce the mortality rate of each crop due to transplanting shock and to enhance root development to accelerate growth and production.

Lawns & Sod

Water retainers are simple to use throughout the growth cycle of lawns and sod. They ensure effective germination, faster root development, and regular and even growth of lawns. The rooting of sod is also accelerated.

Chinafloc-sap is widely used in landscaping for golf courses and grass in recreational parks and gardens.


Chinafloc-sap is commonly used in hydroseeding to stabilise newly graded soils. Mixed with or without cellulose mulch, it makes it possible to maintain a minimum of surface water, which permits rapid sprouting of seedlings even in dry areas. The vegetation cover develops uniformly and rapidly over the whole treated surface. There are no dry spots without grass.

Additionally Chinafloc-sap also prevents cellulose mulch from becoming hardpan during a dry spell. The mulch remains aerated and allows the seeds to sprout quickly. Chinafloc-sap also makes it possible to reduce the amount of mulch required.

Soil Mixes

When mixed into a substrate, Chinafloc-sap acts as a super absorbent water retainer to provide a reduction in water stress. It ensures that plant cuttings and transplants take root better and that seedlings grow faster.

Irrigation frequencies are also extended to save water. It is an ideal solution in substrates for containers, hanging plants, and house plants.

Watering frequencies are commonly reduced by 30% to 50%, which likewise reduces labour costs and the amount of water used.

Mixing with Fertilisers

To reduce leaching of nutrients added to agricultural soils, Chinafloc-sap may be mixed dry into fertiliser preparations.

The behaviour of plants fertilized with this mixture makes it possible to maintain or even increase yield while at the same time protecting the environment from leaching. Manufacturers' test results also show better root development of the plants.

Savings in the order of 15% to 30% are observed in the amount of fertilisers used.

Floral Decoration

Chinafloc-sap is commonly used for colouring the water in glass containers. Chinafloc-sap in granules is allowed to expand in coloured solutions. The hydrogel created is placed in glass containers in which cut flowers may be placed.

Bare Root Dipping

Chinafloc-sap can be used for root dipping in order to prevent the desiccation of the roots of seedlings during transplanting or transport over a long distance.